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Hugh Munro is much more than your typical MC or host and comes at a fraction of the cost of a celebrity MC's fee. He approaches his MC role as a performer in character, which makes change overs appear seamless and keeps entertainment flowing throughout your event. Hugh never misses a beat on stage, has a phenomenal singing voice, is extremely quick-witted and brings audience participation to a whole new level! 

Better still, Hugh Munro, a.k.a. 'The Man with a Thousand Faces,' has a library full of thousands of characters that can be custom designed, moulded and purpose-built for your event and theme. This versatility allows you to book three characters for the price of one!

Hugh has invested a small-fortune into his own unique and astonishing props and costumes for his characters. Please be assured that ANY character can also be imitated or created as required.

Here is a small selection of Hugh's characters that can be moulded specifically for your event:
- Aussie Norm: The ultimate Aussie-fan with a Billy for a hat, oversized thongs and a padded beer gut. He is a walking tribute to Australia and the couch-inspired male.

- The Chef: Great for Food Festivals and all food related events. He can cook up a storm on stage or just sing and entertain! Always willing to share his cooking tips with the audience.

- Wayne Anchor: Fantastic for events on boats. Loves to welcome guests on board with their first Lai of the evening and has many stories from his time at sea!

- The Conductor: Great for organising your guests and directing around an event space. Regularly checks his pocket watch. Time and schedules are his bible.

- Mike Shure: An opinionated, over-exaggerated, club style performer with some hilarious dance moves!

- The Don: Everybody's favourite Italian celebrity and colourful underworld figure.

- Impersonations: Hugh impersonates a range of celebrities including John Travolta (Great for Disco themed nights), Elvis, Tom Jones, Ricky Martin, George Michael and Barry Manalow.

- Icons and Brand Mascots: Hugh can very cheekily imitate a company's icon or brand mascots.  He is prepared to play any fruit, vegetable or any other object! The Banana Board in QLD has taken advantage of this offer for their past three Christmas parties - Each year Hugh has played a different style of Banana icon from a bunch of Bananas, to a Banana in Pyjamas to Carmen Miranda!

- DJ Characters: Hugh is also able to DJ at your event and has a range of characters which are suited to the task at hand such as 'Austin Powers.'




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