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With his enthralling on-stage personality and powerful presentation, Phil has redefined the meaning of corporate entertainer, combining the skill & thrill of magic with the art of comedy. Along with a healthy dose of hilarious audience interaction, Phil combines impressive sleight-of-hand and clean comedy to create a first class corporate show.

Phil can masterfully perform in a comedy style suitable for all audiences and for any length of performance (from 3 to 60 mins). He’s worked with everyone from Whoopee Goldberg & Olivia Newton John to Bruce Springsteen & Michael Jackson.

"One of the funniest shows I have seen in a very, very long time! The linchpin was Phil Cass, whose mingling of magic, prestidigitation and comedy had tears streaming down peoples' eyes. He assaulted our collective funny bone…I laughed for so long and so hard that by the end of it, it was almost a relief to stop laughing."      

Riverside Theatre & Convention Centre, Courier Mail 

“The highlight of the evening was the performance by magician Phil Cass, who managed to keep even those who claimed to hate magicians riveted to their seats.”                        

Sydney Sunday Telegraph 

 “His comedy sets him apart from other magicians and his magic sets him apart from other comedians.”                                                                                                                                   

The Variety Arts Theatre, Los Angeles 

“You're in for a pleasant surprise when you see this entertainer perform.  A clever combination of skill, personality, snappy one-liners and the ability to hold an audience in the palm of his hand, makes Phil Cass' cabaret show an extraordinary experience.”                                             

The Sydney Morning Herald

With a middle name like ‘Trust Me’ you can be sure of one thing …… Phil Cass defies the conventional pattern of mayhem in live entertainment with his unique on-stage persona that safely runs the gamut from insult to result! 

There is no magician who is in more demand than the popular Phil Cass for everything from clubs, cruise ships and television to after dinner, corporate entertainment in relation to product launches, sports hospitality, awards ceremonies and any manner of corporate hospitality, fundraising, sporting or public event.

The style and close-up magic of Phil Cass is absolutely, positively, mind-boggling …. sleight-of-hand and theatrical pick pocketing are very powerful entertainment weapons indeed …. especially when mixed with his  brand of humour!

Phil’s stand up act is full of side-splitting comedy coupled with intrigue and involves a high level of audience interaction.  It’s an act that is guaranteed not to fail.  It is for precisely these reasons that he finds himself in extreme demand in the corporate arena. Just to drop a few names, Mercedes Benz, IBM, AMP, Telstra, Optus, Carlton & United, McDonalds, Sony, Ford, XXXX, Coca-Cola and Lend Lease have all experienced his unique presentations many times over!

The large production shows that he produces are packed with mystery, drama, suspense, hot dance numbers and even a touch of macabre as well as the outstanding comedy routines for which Phil has become famous … err, infamous.  His credentials include making cars appear, levitate and disappear as well as the sudden appearance of the odd elephant or horse! 

His showmanship and versatility has been the key to his popularity on live stages throughout the world.  His broad spectrum and national appeal has seen him rewarded with numerous prestigious awards:

Winner 7 Consecutive Years - Australian Variety Artist's 'Mo' Award for "The Best Specialty Act in Australia


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