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British born, Sean Taylor has carved out, over 20 years, a unique position in the Australian entertainment scene. He weaves magic, mentalism and comedy into one unique, interactive live experience. Sean has performed in over 15 countries and his remarkable demonstrations have confounded even the most brilliant minds in magic. He was recently awarded Gold Star Member of the Inner Magic Circle, being the only Australian performer to receive this honor.

A mind reading show is like no other form of entertainment. It's a rollercoaster ride through the capabilities of the human mind. We've all picked up the phone and known who will be on the other end, we've all woken up thinking of a long lost friend, only to hear from them just hours later. We've all had gut feelings which later turned out to be correct. Imagine if you could heighten and control that sense. Sean Taylor has and he's about to share that experience with you.

Sean combines known but little used psychological principles, creative language and persuasive techniques to literally read the minds of the audience in an hilarious interactive experience which is felt, not only by those who volunteer, but by everyone in the audience. Could you beat a Human Lie Detector? Could you be talked out of winning money simply by being shown a picture? How much do your drawings tell us about your character? How many numbers could you remember in order? Are your eyes truly the mirror of your soul?

So, is it really mind reading? Sean prefers to call it thought reading...your very thoughts, ideas, words, names, full sentences and even drawings are re-created before your eyes with unerring accuracy. Imagine an intriguing experience half way between the crazy world of the Comic Magician and the skill of the Stage Hypnotist and you'll begin to understand the habitat of Sean Taylor. Sean is a master performer with over 20 years experience of corporate entertainment in more than a dozen countries. His powerful and dynamic presentations create a memorable experience for your customers, staff or colleagues.

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MindPower is a unique key note presentation demonstrating through amazing and often hilarious effects, the hidden powers of the human mind.  This fast moving 1 hour show is perfect for national and regional sales meetings, management retreats, conferences and internal sales and marketing presentations. With audience participation from beginning to end, your personnel literally are the show. MindPower is designed to provide a fun interlude from the bump and grind of the corporate atmosphere but also hits home with a clear message that with virtually no extra effort, you can improve your performance simply by using your MindPower.

Sean Taylor is a master performer and key note speaker with over 20 years experience of corporate entertainment in more than a dozen countries. His powerful and dynamic presentations create a memorable experience for your customers, staff or colleagues. Sean's background as an executive recruiter and trainer allowed him the opportunity to become a master of body language and that, combined with his entertainment prowess and heightened sense of Intuition, allow him to create the illusion of true mind reading.

Sales conferences can be pretty dry. Days of graphs, figures, targets and objectives can get long and monotonous. Selling with Your MIND is a team building exercise designed to be fun, interactive and motivating. The MIND is literally the software for the brain and if you are shown, in a few simple steps, how to take control of what you already have, your mind can be put to better use. Highlighting 7 uses of the mind nicknamed 'The 7 NOTIONS', Sean has designed Selling with your MIND - a 3 hour workshop with demonstrations and funny practical exercises designed to help your sales team grasp control of their own minds and improve their performance.

Observation, Persuasion, Intuition, Visualisation, Communication, Memorisation and Numeration are all things each of us does each and every day. The problem is that we do them all subconsciously and frequently have little or no idea exactly how or why we need them, how to control or improve them. The brain is a muscle and it needs exercise like any other. Knowing how to exercise each day will allow you to create a simple regime which can be practiced in the car, in the office, in the sales presentation or even a trip to the supermarket.

Visualisation - This is the underground technique used by actors, athletes and CEOs - Learn how to make it work for you.

Persuasion - How to ensure that you get what you want from your sales presentation.

Observation - 75% of all conversations contain lies or untruths - learn the techniques used by the CIA to spot them.

Memorisation - We don't forget things, we simply forget to remember them. You will learn in 2 easy steps, how to remember ANYTHING.

Communication - 80% of communication is non verbal. Learn to put this into practice.

Intuition - 75% of Fortune 500 CEOs have admitted to making decisions based solely on intuition or gut feel. Here's how!

Numeration - Most of us have forgotten how to do arithmetic since we were absorbed by mathematics!



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